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I am transferring over to art full-time, and I have bills to pay! Commissions are being reopened - 20 slots are available this round and everything is open. If a particular commission type that you would like is not listed here, just drop me a line and I will be happy to put together what you need! If you have no interest in these commissions but would still like to lend a hand, signal boosts are immensely appreciated. Offers and examples are further described below! All rates are in USD!:

Exactly what it says on the tin! Full-body portraits of your OC or favourite character in three flavours: line-art only, flat-coloured, or full-colour with a quasi-painterly finish. WIPs for line-art only and flat-coloured portraits are not provided unless requested. Full-colour portraits receive WIPs by default.

EX1, EX2, EX3, EX4 [nsfw], EX5 [nsfw], EX6

Sketch Study Pages:
Quick studies made of your OC or favourite character. These are made in a single sitting and given a quick fill to make them pop from the background. A set of three busts is $30 USD, a set of five full-bodies is $65 USD, and a set of two busts and three full-bodies is $55 USD.

EX1, EX2, EX3

Custom references made to specifications! References can be made in any style or contain any amount of information. Rates vary heavily depending on what is requested. Sketch References are $55 USD and are made in a single sitting; because they are sketches, they are low-detail, no WIPs will be provided, and any changes requested after their completion may only be minor unless considerable artist error is made. Height References are priced depending on number of figures, sheet size, and desired level of refinement. WIPs are provided by default. Refined / Full / Technical References are priced based on their complexity and desired level of refinment and can contain whatever information and "views" a client desires! WIPs are provided by default. Text for references is optional.

EX1, EX2, EX3, EX4, EX5

Onions are layered studies that accompany portrait or reference commissions! This is an add-on and each layer is priced individually. Depending on the amount of work required, one Onion layer is generally $50 USD atop the base rate of the commission it is being added to. Skeletal and muscle Onion layers are made to the extent of my current knowledge of anatomy and biology.


Custom design commissions are priced based on the amount of work involved, the desired end product, and the amount of control a client wishes to have over the project. "Adoptables" and similar design types are available! The deliverables for a design can be as limited (such as a portrait) or as extensive (such as a layered reference and accompanying studies) as desired! Please note that I will only accept serious inquiries for a Design Commission. Clients who do not know what they want for their design will be refused. Clients who prefer to give a loose prompt are welcome to order an Adoptable! All images created for a design commission are for non-commercial use.

All images will be created in PS CS5 and delivered in .PNG format unless otherwise requested. Payment is through Paypal only and up-front please! Refund policies, contact and slot availability are below. Slots will remain open until either all are taken (20), or until August-24-2015, whichever passes first:

Payment remains in my Paypal until work is completed. A refund can be requested at any time. A full refund will be given only if the commission has not been started. A refund will otherwise be measured in proportion to the amount of work uncompleted. A refund will not be given once work is completed.

Please do not provide any more than five (5) reference images for a single subject unless absolutely necessary (ex: for the creation of a reference or design commission) to prevent slow down of work. Should any reference material be adult or otherwise NSFW in nature, please notify me and / or clearly mark your reference as NSFW.

Changes / Edits / WIPs:
No WIPs will be provided for lineart-only or sketch commissions unless requested. For full-colour pieces, WIPs will be provided for approval in both lineart and colouring stages. Once the commission is complete, only small edits will be made. Mistakes made through artist error will be done free of charge (within reason). Sizeable changes requested by the client may incur a surcharge for the extra time spent.

Please send me a Note / OM over deviantART! If you would prefer email, please note me for my email contact. Clients are free and encouraged to contact me at any time to inquire the status of their commission. I ask however that clients please wait up to three days for a response, as at times I am unable to reply promptly! If you do not receive a reply within three days, please send a follow-up PM.

Image Rights:
Commissions are for personal use only. Clients are free to alter the work produced to make icons, headers, and etc for personal, non-commercial use only. Clients must be aware that they are purchasing a service and not a product, and that the commercial and associated rights therein of the produced images(s) are not transferred to them upon delivery of the commission. If a client wishes to purchase such rights for commercial use of the image(s) commissioned they must contact me to discuss associated fees.

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Is in your head
Artist | Student | Varied
Hello there! I'm an aspiring concept artist. Some of you will know me as "Phanta", others as "Manic". Feel free to use either to address me if desired. I like teeth, monsters, and blue pigmented hedgehogs.

Most of my work gets published to my tumblr first right over HERE!

If there's something you think I can help you with or just have something to ask me, please feel free to send me PM!

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Thank you very much! It may be a while before I can reopen, so if you are interested you are most welcome to PM me to be placed on a wait list for when the current queue is finished.
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I am so surprised I haven't watched you yet, I freaking love all your artwork. There's so much intensity and energy behind it, plus, everything just looks bad ass. Welp, I am watching you now!
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Aww gosh, thank you so very much!
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I'm not open currently, but thank you for asking! I may open closer to the summer.
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